Blue To The Bone

from by Lee Thomas Band

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Maybe the strangest song on the disk. Certainly the darkest. It's working title was 'The Death of Superman'. That's dark.

The corpus of this entry sprung from the depths of Joe's addled brain. Dave was corrupted by the vision, and contributed most of the lyrics.

This one just seemed to get weirder as we developed it in the studio. Check out the atmospheric disturbance noise guitar starting at the second bone solo. It was a fight to get that in there. It was only once all the other layers were developed, that others saw the light.

My favorite part, though, has to be Danny Dee falling to his death at 2:22. Don't worry, though -- he recovered in time to finish the song.

Harmonic minors, whole tone scales, demolished runs, argumented chords -- what more can you ask for?

With the drumsticks falling to the floor at the conclusion, this seemed like a perfect closing bookend for the disk.


Everything you say and do is a challenge to the rules
If there is a judgment day, it could all come back on you
The future can be hazy, sometimes plans fall through
But don't you ever stop dreamin', I know I won't, even if it leaves me with nothin' but the blues

Life is like walking a tightrope, sometimes without a net
You have to keep your balance, the next step might be your last
You know sometimes late at night about 2:30, three o'clock in the mornin', I'm sittin' back in my easy chair with my thumb stuck on the clicker and I'm goin' through a B & C movie stage
And I know that tomorrow morning, I'm ain't gonna feel like - I'm just not gonna feel like Superman anymore

Now the sax is in the distance
This old bone is in my hand
And the bass is on the bottom
Some kind of balance is the plan
And the guitar it keeps on callin'
To the drums in the blend
And if we get it right this time
Someone might listen in the end

Sometimes I just don't feel like fighting it any more
Sometimes I just don't feel like nothin' any more...


from 40 Miles of Bad Road, released December 7, 2000
All guitars - Joe
Trombone and lead vocal - Dave



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