Don't Shoot Me

from by Lee Thomas Band

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Another one of Dave's tunes that, in embryonic form, predates LTB. We all had a hand in arranging this one to fit the LTB RockinBloozaBoogie format.

This is an awfully fun one to play -- and the crowds seem to generally agree. Spontaneous dancement usually ensues.


Take a train to Memphis, to see what I can see
And if I don't like it I'll keep right on movin', right on through Tennessee
I don't need much belongin's, I'll just take what all I need
And find myself a good woman, who'll let me be what I can be

Livin 'round here's been gettin' me down
There's more in life for me
There's nothin' left around town to be found
Gotta move so my soul can be free

There I was down Orlando way workin' 11 to 7 in a 7-11
No combat pay, no music to play, workin' on nothin but an early grave
Then one night I was walkin' downtown, just about the time the sun went down
I didn't see it comin', caught me by surprise, shit flew everywhere, no time to fly


So if you see me down by New Orleans, I'll be naturally high on life
And if you don't want me to stick around, don't shoot me, just say goodbye
And I'll go on back to Colorado, where the skies are big and blue
Mountains so high and valleys so low, and get away from these blues



from 40 Miles of Bad Road, released December 7, 2000
First guitar- electric and acoustic - Dave
Counter guitar @ 0:05 - Joe
Lead vocal - Dave
Synth congas - Joe
backing vocals - DJ
Arpeggiated guitar - Joe
Sax solo @ 2:05 - Danny Dee
Harp @ 3:02 - Dave
Guitar & Harp extravaganza @ 4:00 - Joe & Dave



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